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Mentions on Twitter

I was just logged into Twitter on my browser (rather than TweetDeck or Twhril like usual) and noticed something cool. The good people at Twitter have changed Replies to Mentions.

If you normally use your browser to use Twitter you’ll know the frustration when someone mentions you in a tweet, but because the tweet doesn’t begin with @yourname you would miss it.

Biz explains on the Twitter blog: “In your Twitter sidebar you’ll now see your own @username tab. When you click that tab, you’ll see a list of all tweets referencing your account with the @username convention anywhere in the tweet—instead of only at the beginning which is how it used to work. So for me it would be all mentions of @biz. For developers, this update will also be included in the APIs.”

Clearly this is a great way to enhance the usability of Twitter from your browser, however it still doesn’t compare to using TweetDeck. Since the browser is still the most popular way that people use Twitter it makes sense to make the experience better. Especially now that they are making a move towards advertising(? See image).

Mashable’s Adam Ostrow writes: “This also means you should also start to see all of the retweets that you generate, since those always start with something along the lines of “RT @adamostrow” or “Retweet @adamostrow.””

All in all this is a good move on Twitter’s part. Nice job guys.


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