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News Flash: The Majority of Mexico is Peaceful

Do you seriously believe all of the crap you see on the news? I mean are you really letting media frighten you from traveling?

When I lived in Ireland I was warned about traveling to the North. I actually started to believe that we might find ourselves dodging bullets in Belfast. It was all ridiculous, while troubles still occur, it is still a very safe place to travel. More so than most major American cities I’m sure.

My wife and I were recently invited to a close friend’s wedding in Mexico. We fell for the sensationalism on the news here in the States. We were nervous about traveling there, especially because it wasn’t a resort area on the coast.

Yes, Mexico is having loads of violence happening in many of the border cities and in Mexico city, but it’s not occurring every where.

The wedding was held in a small town called San Miguel de Allende. The pictures above don’t do it justice. It was truly one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. I’ve traveled England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and of course the U.S. and Canada.

Heather and I stayed in a small house which we shared with our friends Kim and Adam. The house was part of a small complex of other houses. We had our own pool, which had a breathtaking view of the city from 6,000+ feet above sea level.

The owners of Casa Cordelli where incredibly hospitable. The price was really affordable by sharing the house with our friends. It was perfect!

The sad thing is that the wedding planner was telling us that the numbers in upcoming wedding parties are dropping like flies, because people are scared to travel to Mexico.

Do yourself a favor before you travel anywhere. Turn off your television. Take a deep breath. Read the actual US Travel Advisory of your planned destination. Breath again. Return to reality.

San Miguel de Allende is incredible! The people are very warm and welcoming. The city is filled with cobblestone roads and buildings painted in bright, exotic colors. It’s wonderful, you should seriously consider paying a visit instead of being just another gringo on a beach.

Stop believing the hype.

Congratulations Javier and Arlene!


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  • Paul Chenoweth

    Caution is always a great mantra to follow overseas, but you are absolutely correct to advise people not to freak-out over every headline. I would also agree that reading and believing State Department Advisories is good counsel.

    While in Guatemala several years back, reports of a police raid and shooting in the village where I was working hit the news in the US. The 'experts' went nutz describing the violent history of the area and how US Citizens should avoid the area. I don't recall that the incident even slowed the pace of normal commerce or conversation in the town.

    Putting the shoe on the other foot, we would likely never have a foreign visitor in downtown Nashville if international media responded similarly to every shot fired here.

  • Exactly! I failed to mention how detrimental the threat of SARs was to the
    Toronto, Ontario and Canadian tourism industry. Americans was scared silly
    to travel to Toronto. While the threat was serious, SARs was contained to
    hospitals only.

    SARs in the media actually ruined my wife's surprise birthday party, because
    most of her friends were come from the States.

    Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks for posting the truth about traveling in Mexico and especially San Miguel de Allende. I have many friends there whose businesses are seriously hurting because of the sensationalism of the news media north of the border.

    You're so right that most of Mexico is not only safe; it's safer than huge chunks of the U.S and Canada. A visit to San Miguel rewards in so many ways. It's clear from your post that you “got San Miguel,” one of the most beautiful and enchanting places on earth. The greatest danger to any visitor is that they'll fall so in love with the place they'll never go home again (happens all the time here).

    I very much enjoyed the slide show of your photos. If your friends would like to know more about San Miuel, they can visit
    Lots of info, lots of photos.

  • I attended a friend's wedding, too, in San Miguel 11 years ago. Unforgettable place that I hope to go back to some day for a longer visit (and as Donna said, may not return). Glad to hear you had a good time.


  • I wonder how much it's changed in 11 years. There's a Starbucks there
    now which is really sad. Still the place is amazing.

  • I wonder how much it's changed in 11 years. There's a Starbucks there
    now which is really sad. Still the place is amazing.