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The Nashville Technology Community ROCKS

Leadership Music Digital Summit panel

I had the good fortune today to share the stage at the Leadership Music Digital Summit in Nashville. I was invited to sit on a panel with some amazing minds to discuss Nashville’s technology community.

The program described the session…

As a worldwide hub for music, Nashville incubates incredible talent and exceptional ideas; this segment leads to organizations and events where technology and the entertainment community intersect. Learn where to network, collaborate, brainstorm, innovate, and startup.

I had a great time answering my friend, Kelly Stewart‘s questions and listening to the answers provided by my co-panelists; Elin Eifler Mulron, Mark Montgomery, J. Tod Fetherling and Nicholas Holland.

Elin and I met for a coffee when she first got to Nashville some time ago, we had a great chat about the community here and about her idea of building Digital Nashville. It’s been a great success and is something I plan to attend more often in the future.

Mark’s company, Echo, sponsored the first BarCamp Nashville. He’s always been available for a chat at Fido, I’ve appreciated that. He’s a guy I’d love to get to know better.

J. Tod spoke at BarCamp Nashville 2 about taking the Nashville Technology Council in a different direction. NTC has always been thought of as a suit ‘n tie kind of crowd, but I believe J. Tod is the guy who will build the membership and take it to another level. He truly cares about the tech scene here.

Nicholas has shown his support by using his company, Centresource, to sponsor BarCamp Nashville 2 and Start Up Weekend. He’s a solid guy and a fun person to be around.

I recorded our discussion with my trusty iTalk Recorder app (shameless plug for Griffin :-).

Have a listen here or download the file to listen on your own time, it’s about an hour long. Please let me know what you think.


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