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Worm Regards from Canada Revenue Agency

The other night I was enjoying a pint with friends, including fellow Canadian podcaster, Julien Smith. My iPhone vibrated in my pocket to let me know I had received a new email. The message was sent to my Two Boobs and a Baby Gmail account, which I hadn’t used since we stopped producing the show months ago.

The email was sent from Canada Revenue Agency, it was great news! The message was sent to inform me that I was owed $475.50. It was strange because Julien received the same message at the same time. Talk about luck for a couple of Canadian podcasting veterans!

The truth is that Julien and I aren’t silly enough to fall for such phishing scams. Unfortunately these shysters still exist because so many people actually do fall for this. In fact Julien has a short interview with one of them on his blog today.

Do yourself a favor and tell your friends not to fall for these emails. Never give your personal information. If the email is signed worm regards, you should probably take that as a sign too.


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