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My SXSW Recap

SXSW volunteer

Once again, I had a fabulous time at the South By Southwest Interactive conference. I must start this post with a huge thank you to the organizers and volunteers. Without these people the conference would never take place – major pat on the back!

Of the sessions I attended, I’d say that Jamie Monberg‘s Interactive Beyond the Screen: Branding in Four Dimensions was my favorite. I searched my tweets to find this gem from Jamie.

As brand designers it is our collective mandate to help our clients become interactive regardless of technology.

I am happy to have come across Hazel Grian’s recap post, which includes Jamie’s Six Rules of Innovation.

  • do no harm then do some good.
  • interactive is not always digital.
  • brand yourself interactively.
  • old is the new ‘new’ – products that do what they say they will do.
  • understand and practice virtues of transparency.
  • embrace your constituency with authenticity.

UPDATE: Ed Lee sent me this link of his videos from Jamie’s session. Thanks Ed!

The following are my personal highlights (in no order) from SXSW Interactive 2009.

There are plenty of other favorites from SXSW this year. This list is just a taste of some of the highlights for me. There are plenty of people I’m leaving off, because it will take me weeks to remember everyone who touched me (not like that). Please don’t be offended if I didn’t include you.

SXSW is always valuable to me. While the quality of the sessions are fine, it’s always the human interaction that makes the conference so amazing to me. Keep in touch friends. Thanks!


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