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5 Crucial SXSW Tips

An Irishman in Texas

I just listened to the latest episode of Managing the Gray. C.C. Chapman had some fantastic tips to better your experience at SXSW Interactive. I recommend you give it a listen. C.C. inspired me to create my own list of tips to enjoy SXSW.

1. Register for Twitter. You’ll find Twitter very helpful for staying on top of where and what your friends are up to. Use the hashtag #SXSWi, so you can easily track the conversation. I also suggest following to track the tweets in real time.

2. Bring back up power for your mobile device! Trust me, you’ll need all the extra juice you can get.

3. Eat migas, C.C. recommended this too. It’s the best way to start your day! My favorite are at Las Manitas‘.

4. For a quiet night of story telling don’t miss The Fray Cafe. It was one of my highlights from last year.

5. I’ll shamelessly go ahead and promote one of our (Griffin) products, Clarifi. The reason why is that you can use the Clarifi case on your 3G iPhone to shoot close up pictures of all of the business cards you collect during the festival. Then use Evernote to manage the images. You’ll be able to search for keywords within the business cards directly, so you’ll have no need to manually enter everything. There’s a video here worth checking out. Oh, and you can save 25% on the case now using MARCHSAVE09 on the site.

BONUS TIP. Don’t throw away you’re conference center map, you’ll need it!

Have a look at my post from last year for some additional ideas on how to make SXSW rock (and it most definitely shall rock!)

Are you a SXSW veteran? Do you have any tips to add?


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