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Not Funny – The Daily Show’s Weak Explanation of Twitter

I’m going to go ahead and write that I don’t find Jon Stewart that funny anymore (it’s still much better than most stuff on the tube). On the flip side, Stephen Colbert is getting better and better. Now that I have that statement off of my chest I can write about the Daily Show’s weak explanation of Twitter last night. While the bit was humorous, it was overall pretty lame.

Maybe the Daily Show needs a technology columnist, I’m available should they be interested. ;-)

I imagine that the majority of Twitter users (M/F 18-34, College educated) are also The Daily Show’s target audience (“relatively young audience…an extremely smart viewership, too, so we never feel we have to dumb anything down.“) It would have been better to fully research and understand Twitter before writing a scene around it. It ended up making The Daily Show come across as not very with it. See for yourself….

A better explanation of Twitter can be found by RocketBoom. Their story on Twitter dates back to 2007, the good ol’ days of Twitter kittens.

What did you think of the Daily Show’s Twitter piece?


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