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Geek Breakfast Austin?

So I’ve been mulling over throwing a Geek Breakfast in Austin during SXSW.

Geek Breakfasts have really starting spreading lately. The first one was held in Nashville, TN in December, 2007. There are now GBs in Knoxville, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Murfreesboro, TN, and two in South Africa.

There are three simple rules of Geek Breakfast:

  1. Everyone is invited, attendance is free (excluding food, beverage and gratuity).
  2. Pictures, audio and video should be licensed under Creative Commons and tagged using “yourcitynamegeekbreakfast” and “geekbreakfast”. Please add them to the Geek Breakfast Flickr Group.
  3. Geek Breakfasts shall never be sponsored. If a company approaches you about sponsorship opportunities recommend they sponsor local unconferences instead, like a barcamp or podcamp. It’s important to note that if the breakfast gets sponsored you’ll wind up with many people turning up for a free meal, rather than being there to contribute to the conversation.
Please add your local Geek Breakfast Current Events page.

It just makes sense that a monthly GB should be created in Austin. I’m hoping we can do this during SXSW to connect and to start the tradition. The only question is if people are willing to meet up at 8:00am during SXSW?

Please tell me if you think I should organize this and if you’ll be there.
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Thanks for your two cents. See ya @ SXSW!


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