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PodCamp Toronto Rocked!

A quick post to send some serious kudos to the organizers of PodCamp Toronto. They all did an incredible job at organizing an amazing podcamp. Over 500 people were in attendance, that’s only 300 wankers who pulled no-shows.

While the hallway chatter was awesome, I did manage to attend plenty of sessions too. I love the way podcamp presentations always become discussions in the latter portions. The final session to discuss plans for PodCamp Toronto 2010 was a fun example of that.

A special shout out goes to my C’est What pals, Irish Embassy posse, and my food court fiasco friends, you all know who you are (excluding Julien of course :-))

I can’t believe PodCamp Nashville is just two weeks away. I am so excited to be attending (and organizing) another community unconference. Be sure to check out the PodCamp Toronto wiki to see videos from the sessions, and be sure to have a look at the photos on Flickr.

Some lessons people learned included: be honest and transparent (I’ve been preaching this one for a long time), one person learned a valuable lesson about this; think less about metrics and more about user experience, are your readers happy (are YOU happy with my blog?), thanks Jeremy; and the best problem to have at an event is to have too many great sessions happening at one time, cheers @40deuce.

Thanks to everyone in the T Dot*!


* that’s Toronto, not Tennessee Department of Transportation!


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