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How To Stop Twitter Auto DMs

A while ago I held a poll on whether you like or dislike automatic Twitter direct messages, the majority of you dislike them. These are the automated private messages you receive upon following someone. They often include links to their blogs, sites, etc. Sometimes they are created by newbies who don’t realize how annoying they are, more often they are lame “marketing” schemes.

Two services used to create auto DMs are SocialToo and TweetLater. Both are useful services, but the auto DM function is incredibly annoying.

I am very happy to write that both have opt out options now. Kudos to both companies for adding them.

For SocialToo log in and scroll down the page until you see the tick box, tick it (image below).

How to stop Twitter auto DMs

For TweetLater visit:

You may also want to send the auto DM sender this link:

I hope this helps.


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