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A Nashville Geek Breakfast Conundrum Solved (I hope)

Nashville Geek Breakfast
There’s been lots of discussion on my recent post about trying to find a solution to our Geek Breakfast conundrum. Of the 34 votes I received on my vote on whether to find a new location for breakfast, the results were 26 to 8. That’s 26 people who think we should move.

The trouble is I didn’t think it all through clearly. It isn’t as simple as whether we need to move it or not, so much as it’s about how to keep it intimate enough.

A few different people have suggested what I think is a great solution. We keep the Geek Breakfast at Noshville, but make it run for two hours.

Basically, we’ll have two breakfasts each time. The first one from 7:30 – 8:30 (our usual time), the second from 8:30 – 9:30. Not everybody is an early bird, so this will help solve that too.

I would prefer not to split this community event up by area of the city, it takes away from the importance of us all coming together.

Let’s give this a try, I think we might be on to something. See you next month!
RSVP 7:30 – 8:30
RSVP 8:30 – 9:30

To help promote Geek Breakfast it would be great if you would please consider creating a Wikipedia page. The information needed is available at, but since I created Geek Breakfast, I can’t be the one to create the Wikipedia page (it’s against the rules). If you’re so inclined please add it if you have a little free time. Thanks.


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  • Thanks Jim.

  • You’re darn right! :-)

  • Thanks Todd. Perhaps we’ll consider it if this doesn’t work out.


  • Jim

    Dave, I think that will work fine. It is great to see you care so much about making it work perfectly, but given the amount of people at this point you can have it set like that and it will still keep the same vibe.

  • Geeks are smart.

  • In fairness of the next group, it would probably be best to give up your
    seat if the space is required. However, you could always pull up another
    booth if you’re deep in conversation with someone.


  • See you when I’m leaving :-) Glad to accommodate.

  • Great idea! :)

  • Todd

    Whole Foods in Green Hills has a cafeteria large enough to accomadate everyone and they are community tables so it would be very interactive. Tons of hot food and covered parking.

  • I am gonna be all about the 8:30 breakfast. Awesome!!

  • Does this mean I would need to leave by 8:30?

  • It's worth a shot to me. Good idea, Dave.

  • I love this idea! 7:30 is a little early for me, but I can probably do 8:30 occasionally. Thanks for thinking of it!

  • joanna

    LOL, how are you going to get the first-shift people to leave?

  • I trust that they are all lovely and accommodating people, who will be more
    than happy to help the second group.

    If a couple of small group are that enthralled in a conversation that simply
    can't stop, I am certain they will have no issues in moving over to another
    table or booth, so the next group can sit comfortably together.


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