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Who was your first follow?

My First Follow

I came across a couple of tweets the other day from friends who said I was their first follow. The tweets were being generated by a nifty little service that searches your Twitter history to see who you followed first called My First Follow.

As it turns out my friend Julien Smith was my first follow. It makes so much sense to me too, because he’s a great guy who is a real asset to our space. Julien is a veteran podcaster who I first met back in 2006 at the first PodCasters Across Borders. I’m a big fan of his former(?) podcast In Over Your Head and his blog. You should swing by to see why he inspired me to get tweeting.

I’m very excited to see what he and Chris Brogan will deliver when they release their book Trust Agents. In the mean time, you can get a taste of their collaborative work from their first white paper together: Trust Economies.

Who was your first follow? Why did you follow that person?


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