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Twitter Tip: How to automatically unfollow unfollowers

Thanks to Chris Brogan for posting about SocialToo, a very cool service which allows you to auto-follow Twitter and followers, not only that but it auto-UNfollows them if they unfollow you. That’s the feature I’m most interested in here. Too many people are taking advantage of the system by following thousands of people only to unfollow them once they have been followed back. That was a mouthful :-).

One thing though, SocialToo gives you the option to send a direct message when a person starts following you – PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. I had a poll here a little while back to get a feel for what you thought of this, the results were an outstanding no to auto DMs. Please tell Pistachio what you think about this too.

On that note, I have already begun unfollowing people who auto DM me when I follow them back. I encourage you to do the same to help combat this. It’s not just the annoyance, but it can be costly to those with limited mobile plans. If someone does this to you, you may want to send them this link:

Check out SocialToo to find out more.

Jan 19th 2010: UPDATE: Per Twitter’s Request, We’re Removing Auto Unfollow, however you can try Huitter, which I understand still works.

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