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Give props where props are due

bartender photo by: dan buczynski

Having been a server in restaurants and bars, I understand the ups and downs of customer service. I’ve worked in retail and my heart goes out to people in that business, because it is not as much fun as it may seem. My (ex-server) wife and I always tip 20% wherever we go.

I try to make it a habit of going the extra mile when a server is great. I’ve called restaurant managers to compliment the server we had, I’ve emailed head offices of businesses to tell them how a customer service person went above and beyond. We are too easy to complain when things don’t go our way, but we often forget about sharing the good stuff.

As an extra gesture you can write a positive review on services like Urban Spoon, Yelp and Google.

I should add that this post began as a bitch fest about some bad service I received recently. On re-reading the above I’ve decided to omit the negative part.

Don’t forget to tip your server. :-)


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  • Great suggestion, Dave … I used to work as a cashier at a major retailer, and I learned that if a customer writes a letter about a positive employee interaction, that employee benefited a great deal – it put them in the running for raises, preference to get requested days off, etc. Curiously (at least at this particular chain), a phone call was not the same – the customer was always asked to mail in a letter for it to “count.”

    Ever since then, I have always made it a point to send a letter when I experience particularly good service. With Yelp and Google Local around, I also leave positive reviews wherever I can. It's great to see others doing the same.

  • Thanks Marina. I worked as a gas attendent (remember those?) when I
    was a kid. Someone wrote a letter to the head office complimenting me.

    I got a raise and praise from my boss. It was great. We're lucky it's
    even easier to do now with email.

    Thanks for your comment.

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  • Thanks Rodney, that's really kind of you to say.


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  • Hey Dave!

    Good post. I would even say this applies to anyone who gives you something of value. At the least, a thank you is in order.

    So, here's to you for delivering the best social media, geek stuff on the web. I've learned more in 2008 by following you than anything I've done!

    Thanks Dave! Your the best!

  • Dave – I always enjoy reading your posts and I need to start commenting more but I really took this one to heart. I love tipping! I really enjoy getting great service, and in turn I enjoy rewarding good service. Although I don't believe that tipping is an absolute. Far to often I have been confronted with a service staff member that forgets that my tip is for there service, If I get bad service then I will tip equally. I don't think my standards are too high but it really burns me when I sit down to a restaurant and need to flag someone down to get a round of drinks.

    On the other side of things in the computer business I reflect often on the fact that the only times I see most of my customers is when something is broken. So getting a thank you note. Even if it's simply by e-mail or twitter it really brightens up my day.


  • Thanks so much. I agree, just remember not to blame a server if the
    food is slow, that's often the kitchen's issue.

    Thanks for the comment! Please keep them coming. :-)


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  • Obligatory hello from Twitter. Gosh, Dave, the things you get us to do for you! ;P

  • Hey thanks buddy :-)

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  • Hey thanks buddy :-)

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