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33 minutes

It took 33 minutes from the time I broke my blog until it was fixed again tonight. I owe a MASSIVE thank you to my friend Nico. Thanks so much.

33 minutes before the fiasco, I had messed with updating some stuff on my blog. Suddenly I realized my blog was gone, it was just a blank screen. Luckily I could still log in to my admin, but I still had no idea what to do about it. So, I turned to Twitter.

Oh Crap

Shortly after I heard from Nico, who should have been asleep considering it was after 4 am in Argentina :-)

Nico to the rescue

33 minutes later my blog was back in action. Thank you so much Nico. Now go check out how Nico can help you with his incredible designs.

Special shout out to the tech support guys at HostMySite who I pinged when the trouble began. They are always quick to respond and began looking into it straight away. Cheers.


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