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3 free gifts every blogger will love you for

RSS GIFTIf you’re reading a blog you like, why not consider getting them a gift? Here’s three free items you can give a blogger to show them how much you enjoy their blog.

1. What’s a free gift that every blogger loves? Subscriptions. No, not magazine subscriptions (unless it’s Wired). We love it when you take the time to subscribe to our RSS feed. By subscribing for free to a blog’s RSS feed you’re showing the host a little love, plus you’re making it easier to consume the content.

It’s easy to do it. Just click the orange icon on the top right corner of this blog. Then choose which reader works best for you. Darren Rowse has a great explanation of RSS on his blog if you’re still unclear.

2. The second thing we love is social bookmarking. When you click the Share This link at the bottom of a post and choose your favorite bookmarking service, you’re doing the blogger a huge service. You’re telling the world that you enjoyed the post so much, that you simply had to share it. So, go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait.

Hey you’re back! Thanks so much for taking the time to subscribing to my blog and telling your friends about it.

3. The third free gift you can give a blogger is a comment. Commenting is another simple way to let the host know that you’re enjoying his or her stuff. It’s that human touch in a comment which makes it all worth while. It’s very easy to comment too, heck you can even leave a video comment if you wish. I’d love to see your smiling mug waving at me.

There you have it, three free gifts to give your favorite blogger this holiday season.

Happy Holidays,


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