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Twitter fans rejoice! My exclusive interview with Wheeepony


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a strange pony following me on Twitter. I won’t bore you with the back story, because you can easily click that link to read it.

This post is for those of you who have received a strange tweet from the mysterious Twitter profile called Wheeepony.

I have done some serious investigating* and have tracked down the man behind the pony. The following is an exclusive interview with none other than Wheeepony! Enjoy.

* I asked him for an interview.

Dave. How long have you been tweeting as @wheeepony?

Wheee. I have been on twitter, for about one month, sir.

D. What gave you the idea that people needed random replies from ponies?

W. Well, you know how when people drive by cows, they can’t help but go “Moooooo?” When I see people drive by, I always went “Wheeeee!” Now, I do it on Twitter.  It giggles me.

D. Do you really look like Renée Zellweger? How does Zellweger fit into the master pony plan?

W. I find it really flattering, but I can understand how she wouldn’t maybe…people don’t like to be compared to animals sometimes. I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances of her reading my screenplay.

D. Are you only posting ponies on Twitter, or are random ponies appearing on other social networking sites? If so, where can we expect to see ponies elsewhere?

W. I only have time for Twitter. If I embarked on other social networks, I think that would cut down on my galloping time. Ponies love galloping…though cantering ain’t all bad either. Trotting…that’s for Mr. Fancy Pants Show Off.

D. Do you have a preference for regional and/or national ponies? Having lived in Scotland I can attest that Shetland ponies are lovely.

W. One love! Wheee!!!

D. Which came first @wheepony or @wheeunicorn? Are there any other @whee____ we should be on the look out for?

W. The unicorn has been around longer, but I have been on Twitter longer. I showed him how to use it. Old guys don’t do too well with technology sometimes. I have noticed other “wheee” creatures popping up. They aren’t in my stable at night. I think they are pantomime ponies. The Unicorn and I are, as the kids say, the real deal.

D. All joking aside, have you received any negative feedback?

W. Mostly no. Delight…some bafflement. I wish someone would tell me what “WTF” means. But, alas, some are cynical and see my joyous interjections not so much affirming as…they called me stupid! The mean people call me stupid! That makes me sad. Who makes a pony cry? I ask you! They’re meany heads.

D. Are the random pony and unicorn related tweets leading up to something? Is this a marketing ploy or a random act of goofiness?

W. Ponies don’t really do the whole money thing. They tried to pay my great, great…I lost count…grandfather during the Pony Express days, but he was more about grass, maybe an apple. I get my priorities from him, I guess. And this is really not leading up to anything. I hope that was not a sneaky way of asking me if the unicorn and I are going to have any part in the Apocalypse. That would be insensitive of you. Those four jerks will be riding horses…not ponies, nor unicorns.

D. Would you care to reveal who you really are? Where you’re from? What you do? What’s your real @twittername?

W. I really don’t like to get too existential. Sartre and Camus…very anti-pony; I don’t know if you knew that.  Besides, can we ever know who we really are? Who am I, you ask? I suppose, I like walks, a breeze in my mane, comfy harnesses, saddles that don’t chafe, salt licks, movies about ice skating with Jean Claude Van Dame (that I’d see!), Nutella, and being less than 14.2 hands tall…and I don’t care for that “I’m a little horse…sore throat” joke, mosquitoes around Assateague Island, and mean people. All I guess I really know is who my best friend is: the next person who says “Pony.”

D. Do you have any final comments for the good people in Twitterland?

W. Wheee!!! Pony!!!!

D. Thank you Wheee Pony.


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