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A crucial tip for planning events using Facebook Pages

Facebook Fail

I’ve used Facebook events many times. I organize the monthly Nashville Geek Breakfast using Facebook, I organized the Toronto Twitter Tweet Up last month using Facebook too. Most people are on it, so it’s an easy way to create and manage events. That is unless you’re creating the event in a Fan Page.

I am in the middle of trying to organize a Twitter meetup in San Francisco during MacWorld. I created the meetup event through the Griffin Technology fan page and all seemed to go well. The RSVP is growing (like crazy) every day, so much that I need to change the venue.

That’s when I discovered a major flaw in how Facebook Pages handles events. There is no option for me to send a message to RSVP’d people. I can’t contact them to let them know that the venue has changed. The only way I can send them all a message is to cancel the event.

If I’m able to find a venue that can handle a group of 200+ people, I’ll cancel the event and send the up date details to the group that way. Then I’ll have to create a new event for each person to RSVP, probably using or this time around.

Side note: Do you happen to know a good location to have a Twitter tweet up near the Moscone Center for 200+ people?

Thanks to Adam Jackson for all of your help.


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