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Something is moving on Twitter

Napolean Dynamite

I was going about my daily business today, multi-tasking between my email, calendar, a few documents and spreadsheets, my RSS feed reader, and my Twitter client of choice, TweetDeck, when I noticed something moving on my screen.

It was unusual, it was something I wasn’t use to seeing. A user on Twitter had a large, animated GIF as their avatar. I’d never seen this before, I didn’t think it was possible to use an animated GIF as your profile picture.

I meant no offense to the user when I pointed this out to my friends on Twitter. People replied to me quickly, they even sent a couple of links to other profiles with animated icons. While some were amusing, I am still troubled with this.

I’m concerned because I’m picturing Twitter flooded with animation in the timeline. It would be as cheesy as a Las Vegas strip at night, or worse, a 1997 Geocities page. Cliff Ravenscraft hilariously tweeted that it would be the MySpaceification of Twitter.

Is this a bug, an oversight by Twitter, or have the flood gates of winking similes, dancing Napoleans and numbshuck-wielding Bruce Lees opened? I hope not.

Have you noticed animation popping up on Twitter lately?


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