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Have you hugged a blogger lately?

Image by: Andromega

Twitter is affecting the way I use blogs, but not about how I blog. Julien Smith recently wrote, “I’m starting to think that bloggers who heavily tweet are shortchanging themselves.”

He makes a great point about the time we spend tweeting over the time we spend blogging. Some people have even given up blogging altogether. I love blogging, I’m not about to stop any time soon. I do feel that my time on Twitter is affecting my relationships with my blogging buddies.

When I find a great post I am always quick to provide my Twitter friends with a link, so I know I am partly responsible for providing traffic to said blogs. It’s not that I am seeking credit for sending traffic to people’s blogs, I’m not. My problem is that I am not leaving comments like I should. Comments are hugs for bloggers.

If I read a great post I send the link to Twitter and include a message (in as many characters as I have remaining). I don’t actually write a comment to the blog post itself, or not often enough at least. I feel that this is cutting me off from the community who I have learned so much from over the years.

I love Twitter, don’t get me wrong, but I believe we need to start commenting more often. By leaving a comment you’re showing your interest in what the blogger has written. Consider a comment like a tip to a server. Would you leave a restaurant without tipping? If you answered yes than get lost, this blog ain’t for you a cheapskate.

How are you keeping up? Are you commenting less too? What are you doing to give those bloggers a virtual hug? Is a pre New Years resolution in order?


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