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Toronto Twitter Tweet Up

Toronto Twitter Tweet UpI’m very excited to be returning to Toronto (my home and native land) next week.

My family and I moved from Toronto to Tennessee three years ago this January. Back then microblogging didn’t exist, nobody had ever heard of a fail whale, or kitten with screwdriver for that matter.

It’s funny because I have a good number of friends in Toronto, who I have never met in person. I even have some close friends in Toronto who I have become friends with since I moved to Nashville. 

It’s important to me to attend conferences and organize local events to meet people – in person. You know how much I love this space, but nothing beats a handshake, hug or high five.

That’s why I’ve organized a Toronto Twitter Tweet Up for this Friday night. Please join us for a beer and some extended* conversations, there’s already 25 people who have RSVPd.

I really hope to see you there.





* more than 140 characters.


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