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Great Tweet Up in Nashville

Nashville Twitter MeetUp

Just a quick note to thank everyone for coming out to the Flying Saucer last night for a Twitter Meet Up. I think we must have had about 15 people there.

Apparently some folks were at the bar, but couldn’t find us. It is a big, crowded bar, but I figured a large location would give us more of an opportunity to sit together (and we did).

I held my iPhone tightly all night, to feel it for vibrations of incoming calls, text msgs, emails and Twitter DMs. I even got creative using the Banner Free App for the iPhone. It’s a very simple scrolling text marque, similar to a stock ticker. I placed it on our table hoping to catch the eyes of anyone looking for our group.

I must mention that it was fun hanging out with Colleen Coplick too. I hadn’t seen Colleen (since I met her) at SXSW Interactive last year in Austin. The Vancouver native is a very popular Social Media and PR professional, she’s the Chief Instigator for b5Media. Oh, and she’s a hoot to hand out with.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday at the Geek Breakfast.


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