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How can we get you connected?

Photo by: The Saylesman

I was listening to a great topic on Spark today. Nora Young was speaking to Jackie Sharkey about the Internet in Nunavut, Canada (that’s in the north, WAY in the north). Sharkey explained how they have limited bandwidth at high prices, and often have to deal with dial-up speed connections. The Nunavut people depend heavily on using the web to shop for items that are far less expensive than they are in any brick and mortar store.

I also read an article recently claiming that 20 million Americans only have access to dial-up.

Nora Young and her awesome team (hi Dan) at Spark have created Spark Lite, a low-bandwidth version of the excellent podcast. This is a great solution for people trying to download podcasts, but it begs a bigger question.

How can we help give everyone cheap, hi-speed access to the web?

This would help people in rural communities tell their stories to the world, it would help connect them with similar people. Seeing news and stories from around the world help shape our minds.

When all you have is local media, all you have is… local media. While local media does it’s part, it’s important to get the story from different sources too. The web isn’t just commercial or social, it’s educational too.

How can we help? How can “I” help? I’d love your thoughts.


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