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There’s a strange pony following me

A word of warning, this is dumb. This post is about something really silly, but I love it! A friend at work today pointed out a strange occurrence he had encountered on Twitter the night before. Brad had tweeted that he was loving a pair of Pony shoes from Zappos. Soon after he received a strange tweet which simply read “Wheee!!! Pony!!!!”

I attempted to recreate the bizarre pony tweet today by tweeting with the word “pony”.Whee Pony

Sure enough a few minutes later I received this tweet:Whee Pony

This had me laughing all day. I love really obscure, strange humor. Of course I visited the @wheepony profile page and it’s simply Wheee!!! Pony!!! tweets to loads of people. There’s no link to who is responsible, or why they have set up this auto reply, but that’s why it’s so great.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be some lame attempt at viral marketing for a new movie about ponies, or perhaps the 25th anniversary of My Little Pony. If this remains anonymous I will be a happy camper.


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