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Two things you should listen to

Every so often my podcast subscriptions pleasantly surprise me. It drives me nuts having to go in to iTunes constantly and clicking the “!” to tell iTunes that, YES, I still want to remain subscribed to old shows. Clicking that “!” really pays off some times.

I had my podcasts on shuffle when up popped Henry Rollins in an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos, possibly the coolest TV host ever. George hosts a CBC interview program called The Hour. I highly recommend you check it out for some incredible interviews.

Henry Rollins was the lead singer of one of my all time favorite bands growing up, Black Flag. When the band eventually disbanded, he continued a decent music career, but really flourished as a spoken word artist, poet and author.

In this interview Henry discusses a wide range of items, but the focus is primarily on US politics, as every focus seems to be (and with good reason) these days. It’s an excellent interview well worth watching. You can view it on The Hour site or by downloading the podcast.

Another podcast I remain subscribed to is the Alternative Tentacles record label’s Batcast podcast. The Batcast primarily plays new and old music from the classic punk / alternative music label owned by the (only) lead singer of the Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra.

I have been a fan of the Dead Kennedys since I was a kid. Artists like Jello Biafra helped me become who I am today. After DK broke up, Jello went on to play with many different bands as a guest vocalist. During this time he also turned to spoken word albums that were highly political, No More Cocoons is one that really made me begin to question everything.

This morning The Batcast began to play, I was surprised because I thought the show had podfaded. The episode is an interview with Jello, who isn’t usually on the show. Jello makes it clear that people need to know the facts going into an election. He reminds us that the Democrats are not the angels they appear to be these days. He expresses concerns over Biden, with some pretty interesting stories to back it up. I wish they would have him lead a future presidential debate.

Obviously, Jello is the last person to ever support the Republican party and he’s not. He’s simply telling it like it is in the good ol’ Jello style we’ve come to expect. I recommend giving it a listen to learn more about who’s running and who may run this country. Give it a listen here.


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