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Uttering with Utterli – Inspiration for Podcasters

I’ve been using Utterz, recently renamed Utterli, since October 25, 2007. At least I think it was 2007, because I just realized there’s no year attached to the dates of posts. I’ll need to let Sims know about this.

Utterli is a fun way to record audio messages to the public via your phone. You can attach photos and video as well, but I use it primarily to share audio recordings. I describe the free service to friends as audio blogging. You can add friends to your “circle” much like you do on microblogging services like Twitter. You listen to public or messages in your circle and reply to them on you phone or the site.

Photo by: old ben

On my way home from work last week, I noticed a woman smoking in a car with two young boys in the backseat. I was enraged by this, how stupid can somebody be? So, instead of shaking my fist at the woman and scaring her children, I called Utterli and recorded this:

Soon after people began to reply to my message. This is the way Utterli is suppose to work, but the replies took a new twist when RyanL got a hold of them. Not only did Ryan reply, but he created an incredible podcast from the messages. What a great use of public domain messages. This is truly inspiring for would-be podcasters, or for those seeking some vision.

Have a listen to Ryan’s smooth editing, storytelling and terrific use of music and sound effects:

Nice work Ryan. Subscribe to his podcast, Speak, here:


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