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5 fun steps to spam your Twitter friends

I’ve been struggling to keep up with following back friends on Twitter lately. That’s why my Twitter bio reads: Please @ me if I’m not following you back yet. I do try to return the follows, keeping in mind that I can’t follow more than 2,000, but it’s difficult to keep up with it.

I’m currently at 1,098 followers, so I’m being extra careful not to follow any dodgy accounts. Spammers are rearing their ugly heads on Twitter these days. Spammers! You gasp. Yes, spammers.

This is an interesting approach I came across the other day.

Step 1. Follow a victim.

Step 2. Auto email them a message that you have sent them a special free gift when they follow you back.

Step 3. Include a link to said free gift which actually goes to a horrendous spam site.

Twitter Spam

Step 4. Add a timed pop up box to appear before people can exit spam page.

Twitter Spam

Step 5. Be sure to include an anti-Spam opt out option. Nice touch. :-)

Have you come across any microblog spam lately? Why do spammers always have to ruin the party?


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