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Microblogging : Fast, Fast, Good, Good

UPDATE: View the video of how this transpired.

My presentation today (9:30am) at BarCamp Nashville is called “Microblogging : Fast, Fast, Good, Good“. My main goal is to express how quickly we can do good things using microblogging as a tool.

I was inspired by Beth Kanter‘s presentation at Gnomedex this year. Beth was able to earn $2,657 in 90 minutes to cover the costs of college tuition for a Cambodian student. If it can be accomplished in Washington, I’m sure it can be done in Tennessee.

Donors Choose is an organization that provides a free service for school teachers to set up donations for classroom projects. I first heard about Donors Choose watching The Colbert Report.

I searched Donors Choose today and found a classroom in Tennessee which needs our help. My challenge to the participants of BarCamp Nashville and our friends everywhere is to meet or exceed the goal. The donation period will end today at 3:00pm CST, I will post a list of everyone who contributed here.

Donors Choose

Should we surpass our goal, any extra money received will be donated to another Tennessee classroom on Donors Choose. I will provide details here should that be the case, which of course I hope it is.

You can contribute by clicking the Chip In button on the widget above. Thank you for helping and using social media for good.

Please be sure to click the ShareThis link below to tell your friends, the donation period ends today at 4pm CST. Thanks.


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