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What are you listening to? A podcasting meme

Top 5 podcasts
My drive time to work has changed dramatically since I started working with Griffin. My average drive time to the office is about 15 minutes now, it use to be between 30 to 45 minutes. While I’m happy to be polluting a little less, spending less on gas, and spending more time with my family in the morning, I’m also falling behind on my podcast listening. I *need* my podcast time.

Given my limited listening time these days, I want to be sure I’m not missing any gems I don’t know about. What are your current favorites? Let’s face it, iTunes is far from the best place to find new shows.

Here’s a fun little meme to share with your fellow podcast addicted pals.

What are the top five podcasts you’re listening to (in no specific order)?

1. list your current 5 favorite podcasts
2. link to this blog post:
3. tag 5 folks to do the same

I’m tagging: Tim Coyne, Scarborough Dude, Dave Olson, Dan Patterson and C.C. Chapman


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