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Seth Godin likes good head

Seth Godin Tribes cover

Wow, that title reads a little risky doesn’t it? That’s not what I meant at all, you should get your mind out of the gutter.

Back in July, Seth Godin posted an offer to possibly be included on his upcoming book cover. I rose to the challenge and sent him a copy of my usual head shot. Soon after I was emailed and tweeted by friends who spotted me on his blog. Sure enough there I was staring out at his readers. It was an honor and amusing at the same time.

Seth’s latest book Tribes has started making it’s way around recently. Stupidly, I forgot to actually register myself for an early copy. Over the last couple of days I’ve been receiving lots of tweets and messages that I’ve been spotted on his book cover.

I am pleased as punch (not sure what that means) that I am indeed on his (inside) cover. I’m also thrilled to see myself surrounded with many other friends including Mitch Canter, Tim Coyne and many more. Now all I need to do is get a copy, so I can scan the cover myself to see who else I find there. It’s a Where’s Waldo of Social Media geeks, I love it!

Where's Dave? Can you see me?

Thanks for including me Seth. :-)

Photo by: lalunablanca Thanks for sharing it :-)


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