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Two Boobs and a Baby +

Two Boobs and a Baby +

For those of you who don’t know, my wife and I have been long time podcasters. In October, 20035 (thanks Derek :-) ) we started a podcast called Two Boobs and a Baby +. Each episode was a candid conversation between Heather and I about becoming first (and second) time parents, it was a comedy of errors.

Over the years we were mentioned in USA Today, the Globe and Mail, featured in an article in the Jackson Sun, and selected as a Yahoo! Podcasts Staff Pick (remember Yahoo! Podcasts?). Heck we even secured the number one position in Google when you search for “two boobs”, seriously, go try it now…

Two Boobs and a Baby +

We recently decided that it would be best to end the show. It’s difficult, because we know we still have many dedicated listeners staying patiently subscribed as we try to produce new episodes, but episodes are few and far between these days.

If you were a listener of the show you’re in for a treat, because out final episode will be a fun-filled one. If you would like to get involved we encourage you to call our audio comment line one last time: 206-339-2532. Those of you who leave messages will likely be included in our grand finale, we hope you take the time to give us a shout.

I’ve included a copy of our message to our email subscribers below. Thanks.


We can’t believe that we’ve been producing Two Boobs and a Baby + since October 16, 2003. So much has happened in our lives over the last three years of our podcast. Listening to the first episode of 2BB+ brought back some great memories today. It’s crazy to think that at that time Heather’s belly was massive, we were living in a small apartment in Toronto, and we were just two weeks away from the birth of our incredible Sam.

As you may remember in Episode 28 our beautiful daughter Ella was born. It was such an exciting, yet overwhelming experience having our second child just 11.5 months later. The term for having two children less than one year apart is “Irish Twins”. It’s ironic to consider that Heather and I actually met in Ireland, we should have seen it coming, eh?

We want you to know that we have thoroughly enjoyed producing 2BB+ and sharing our parenting lives with you. Your comments over the years have truly kept us inspired to keep the show going. Just one comment from you kept us energized enough to hit record on whichever device we were using at the time.

The truth is that we’re exhausted, our little buddies are a handful. Ella will be turning two in just over a week from now, and Sam will be turning three at the end of the month. It’s crazy to think where the
time has gone since they were born. Our lives have never been more fulfilled than they are now.

We sincerely hope you decide to take a moment to email us at to leave us any comments, favorite 2BB+ moments, or questions you have about the show, our lives or anything else for that matter. It would be even better if you would like to record an audio message at 206-339-2532, so we can share your voice on our final episode.

We’ll be recording the final episode on October 10, so please leave us your comments as soon as possible to be included on the show. The final episode of 2BB+ should be available on iTunes on October 16:

Heather and I want to thank you all for staying subscribed and telling your friends about our podcast. We would never have lasted three years without your feedback and comments. Thanks for sharing your advice and stories with us, it’s been an incredible journey.

Dave & Heather – the boobs.


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