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Spreading the love one card at a time

The Nashville Geek Breakfast was amazing last Thursday, I am certain we hit a record number in attendance. We had more than 40 people enjoying some great conversation and tasty grub. Jackson Miller was kind enough to give me a deck of Akoha cards, something I’ve been very excited to receive.

TechCrunch explains the game well:

The system uses “mission cards” that friends pass to each other along with a mission i.e. give someone a book or buy someone a meal. You then register that card and perform the mission. Using clever social networking tools you can see how your missions affect others, compete against friends, and generally do nice things for people.

You can add missions to your own account and pass on the cards to your friends. You can either print out cards or request a deck of mission cards from the site that can automatically update your account to reflect the contents of that deck.

So far I have thanked two friends at work for helping me with a couple of projects. One of them has thanked another friend for sharing their department’s pizza with him. The fun part is tracking your card, to see what good things have come from it. This all reminds me a little of, but there’s so much more to this (including giving a book to someone).

I keep looking for opportunities to use a card. I was in a hardware store today and purchased an extra compact fluorescent light bulb to give to someone soon, as I am directed to do this on one of my cards.

I think Akoha is a perfect way to have some fun while spreading some good karma. If you’re registered be sure to find me here: To learn more you can watch this video.

Have you received your deck yet? What’s your favorite act of kindness so far? How far has your card traveled?


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