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Make a mix tape, again

Photo by: greenapplegrenades Flickr photostream Good news, there’s a new way to make mixtapes, sort of. It’s a cool way to share music with friends online.

Any of my oldest friends from the T Dot (no not this TDot) will tell you how I use to be among the kings of mixtapes. Whether it was tapes made for friends or girl friends, I made hundreds of them over the years. I even provided our local watering hole, The Bistro 422, with tapes of punk rock and blues tunes in exchange for free pitchers of beer. It was a sweet deal, because I would drink for free and my friends and I would all get to listen to the our favourite music.

I would spend hours recording from deck to deck, or from vinyl to deck. I would always aim to fill as much of the 90 minutes as possible. A tricky process, because the last song would usually be cut off, which would mean I would have to replace it with a shorter song (thank you Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet). Finding that perfect song to end the A or B side was essential. My tapes often include soundbites from radio, television shows, movies, recorded conversations with friends, or my answering machine messages.

With the demise of the CD, making mixes is becoming a thing of the past. Especially now that we can easily burn hundreds of songs to a DVD. Not to mention that most of us are using MP3 players now, which obviously kills the ability to share music (for the most part).

A few months ago was launched, a clever way to create personal “mixtapes”. The site included an image of a cassette, and you could upload up to 90 minutes of music (I believe it was 90). Unfortunately the good ol’ RIAA shut them down. :-(

I don’t know about you, but I was introduced to most music I listen to from mixtapes friends made for me. I’m not going to make this a post about file sharing and the RIAA, I’ll save that one for a rainy day. It’s just frustrating when friends can’t share music with each other.

Luckily, has been created. Opentape provides you the files and folders to simply upload to your FTP host. You can easily upload songs to your very own personal mixtape site. This isn’t about allowing people to download music, it’s just a way to share your favourite music with your friends.

Dave Tape is now available for your listening pleasure. It’s still a work in progress. Since the OpenTape is an open source project, perhaps someone will develop a way to incorporate RSS, this way you can be alerted automatically when there are new songs added.

Back in the day I would never share a mixtape until it was completed, but what the heck…

Be sure to share your tape with me here, I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Also of interest: LastFM, are we friends there yet?


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