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Nashville Geek Breakfast RSVP choice

I’m bummed that the RSVP system on Eventbrite closed 24 hours before the last Nashville Geek Breakfast. Many people were contacting me about how to RSVP just hours before. Of course, we should live and learn not to procrastinate :-)

My big issue with Eventbrite is that I can’t create a repeating event which allows attendees to view who else is coming. This means that I need to re-schedule the breakfast each month manually, which is why I moved the RSVP from Facebook in the first place.

Some of you have expressed interest in using Facebook again for the RSVP, and some of you prefer Eventbrite. Either way, I will need to manually create the event each month which is a drag.

I’m going to keep this vote up until end of day Wednesday. Please go ahead and let me know which way you prefer to RSVP. I’ll go with the majority of you. Please send this to your fellow Nashville Geek buds.

Want to start your own local Geek Breakfast? Here’s how:

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Yours in bagels and Bytes,



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