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Dave is learning how to play the guitar

About a year ago I came up with a concept for a video podcast/blog (or “vlog”). The idea would be to chronicle my poor attempt at learning how to play the guitar. I planned to use the isight camera on my MacBook and change locations from time to time to keep things interesting. I never started the project, because deep down I knew changing locations would still keep things rather dull.

Now one year later I am lucky enough to have met and become friends with Jett Loe. Jett is a former BBC comedy producer, caffeine addict and all around nice guy who knows a thing or two about film. I told him about the concept and suddenly light bulbs appeared above his head.

Logo by: Taylor

Logo by: Taylor Schena of

It is with his creative directing, my acting and improv, and a massive pile of help from our community in Nashville, we’re making Dave Is Learning How To Play The Guitar a reality (yes, I need to revise the logo). The comedy, documentary will be shot in short episodes. Each episode will follow my story of becoming a guitarist. I live in Music City USA, so I think it’s about time I learn how to play some music!

I’ve been a wanna be guitarist all of my life. My best friend Alistair Christl has certainly been an inspiration, as was meeting legendary blues guitarist Albert Collins. Albert actually invited me to join him for a song on stage, but sadly I did not know how to play. Talk about a missed opportunity!

I use to live in Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed the traditional music sessions at countless pubs. I have always wanted to quietly strum along with a jig or a reel, and soon I may actually be able to make this happen (assuming I learn the difference). I’m also a huge music fan of just about every genre, I can name that tune in a couple of notes, but I can’t tell you what a note actually is. Sad, isn’t it?

So stay tuned and I’ll be posting news when the blog is up and the pilot episode is available. If you’re interested in sponsoring the show I would love to speak with you. There are a few excellent opportunities for sponsors, I encourage you to give me a shout to learn more as the sponsorships will likely fill quickly.

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