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I’ve been hired by…

A few years ago I received a 3G iPod for Christmas from Heather. It took me months of annoying her with the request for my first MP3 player. She was right to feel annoyed at my constant hinting, because the bloody thing cost $600.00!

Shortly after getting it I shifted into accessory purchasing mode. I had my eye on a Griffin iTrip. The lovely device would allow me to listen to my iPod in the car (or anywhere) wireless. The iTrip would literally broadcast my music and podcasts directly on an unused FM radio channel. I felt like Harry in Pump Up The Volume (to a much lesser degree).

Well I finally got my iTrip, but I was disappointed because I couldn’t get it working. I called Griffin’s customer support number, and they suggested I ship it back to them and they would exchange it. I did this and received a new one 24 hours later, that’s 24 hours after the call, not when they received it from me.

The customer service and quality of their products has always been incredible. Everyone has defects even Apple, the point is that they acted on it quickly. I had a new (fully operational) iTrip the next day. That’s customer service!

Years later when Heather and I decided to move to Nashville from Toronto, Griffin Technology was on my radar as a place to try to get a job, but they had no open positions at the time.

Now over a year since we moved to Nashville, I am very happy to announce that I have been hired by Griffin as their Social Media Coordinator. I begin working with Griffin on September 8.

I plan to continue my speaking engagements and working with the community here to be sure Nashville is recognized as the digital hub that it is. Griffin has been one of the major sponsors of both BarCamp Nashville and PodCamp Nashville, so I already know I’m in with great peeps.


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