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6 things you didn’t know about me

Nashville’s very own WordPress rock star and new daddy, Mitch Canter (AKA: Studionashvegas) has tagged me to participate in a meme. My job is to post six random things that people didn’t know about me.

1. I grew up listening to loads of punk rock music. My first concert was Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds at the Siboney Club in Kensington Market, Toronto. I think it was around 1986.

2. I was a huge horror movie fan when I was a kid. I attended Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors where my friend and I met Bruce Campbell, Tom Savini and H.G. Lewis, the god father of gore. My buddy and I use to have fishing tackle boxes filled with horror makeup. We would get together and create really nasty wounds and freak out our friends, parents and strangers.

3. I met Blues legend Albert Collins, who invited me backstage with my friends at a show. After the show we all hung out and he invited me on the road to his next gig as a roadie. I almost dropped out of college to become a permanent roadie for him. Leave me a comment if you want to “hear” that story.

4. I climbed Europe’s most active volcano, Stromboli. My wife and I made the six hour hike during dusk, so we would be at the top in time for night fall to watch it erupt into the Aeolian Sea below.

5. I rubbed shoulders with Francis Ford Coppolla, literally. I was attending a movie premiere at the Toronto Film Festival when I spotted Coppolla sitting a few aisles down. After the movie, as the crowd began to enter the aisles I made my way toward him. Just as he stepped out into the aisle I intentionally, gently, rubbed my right shoulder across his. Why did I do this? So that I can honestly tell people that I rubbed shoulders with Francis Ford Coppolla of course!

6. I was punished for misbehaving in Grade 1 or 2, my role in the school play had been demoted. I was suppose to play the lumberjack in Little Red Riding Hood, but was re-cast to play “the tree”. Dressed in brown cords and a green turtle neck, my job was to stand still with my arms spread out. When Little Red yelled for help, as the lumberjack was chopping me, I was suppose to tilt my arms in one direction. The fantastic effect would make it look as if I had been cut. In the last second I decided to improvise a little.

When the lumberjack swung his axe and hit me, I remained standing tall and still. Then, I slowly fell forward crashing on the stage below. The only person not laughing in the room (including my parents) was my teacher. I stole the show. :-)

Years later I studied improv comedy with Second City in Toronto. When I moved to Galway, Ireland I started a troupe called “Da Ladds”, we performed every Thursday night for a little over a year. I miss performing comedy.

Now it’s time to tag six more people, here goes: Bob Goyetche, Sylvain Grand’Maison, Lizzie Keiper, Jett Loe, Scott Monty and Molly E. Holzschlag. Don’t forget to use the rules below in your posts. Have fun.

Random rules (hat tip to Connie Crosby):
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