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You will never guess what I found in my pocket

Photo by: poul_iversen13375

Photo by: poul_iversen13375

Remember last week when I posted about where every blogger should be on August 21? Do you remember when I wrote that I won’t be able to make it to Gnomedex this year? I believe I used the word “bummed” to describe my feelings about missing it.

Well imagine my surprise this morning when I put on an old pair of jeans and discovered* a ticket to Seattle, hotel voucher and Gnomedex ticket in my pocket! Don’t you love it when you find things like that?

Are you going to Gnomedex? Be sure to let me know if you’re going so we can connect.

Here’s a slideshow of photos I shot last year.

*Based on Dramatization. No jeans were harmed in the making of this blog post. Any Similarity to Jeans Living or Dead Is Purely Coincidental


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