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Geeks need to eat too! Introducing

Geek Breakfast

We recently had another successful Nashville Geek Breakfast. It’s incredible to see how the geek breakfast has grown since I started it back in December. I think the first one had about 8 or 10 people max. There has been a steady increase since then, last time we had approximately 37 people!

The best part is that each month there’s a mix of new and old faces, so it’s refreshing to meet new people, but also fantastic catching up with friends too. I was speaking with Jim Rising, a software engineer from Userplane. He suggested that I post a message explaining what a geek breakfast is and how to create one. It’s a great idea which I hadn’t considered.

I was listening to Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation a couple of weeks ago and he had Bryan Pearson (the podcaster formally known as Bryper) on the show. Bryan was talking about the Social Media Breakfasts that he created in Boston. His breakfasts are much more structured with keynotes and presentations, which is fine too, but not what I had in mind for the geek breakfasts.

I commented on the show about our geek breakfast in Nashville, and Mitch mentioned that it was probably a spin off from the geek dinners which Mitch often attends. Jim made a really good point, I never realized the Nashville Geek Breakfast is a first of it’s kind. We’re breaking ground right here in Music City USA!

Thanks to Jim for pushing me to do this. I just purchased which will link to a wiki page for anyone who wants to host their own. The Wiki will be similar to the ones for barcamp and podcamp.

I’ve also switched the RSVP system for the Nashville Geek Breakfast from Facebook to Eventbrite. Eventbrite is an easier was to keep everything organized, plus you don’t need to be a member. In Facebook I was creating a new event each month which was tedious.

Finally, a BIG special thanks to Chris Ennis for helping put this blog and wiki together. We’ve been working hard at getting it all in place. Thanks Chris!

See you all in August at Noshville. If you’re visiting Nashville please try to join us, we’d love to have you.


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