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1 minute response time. Now that’s customer service.

If you have left a comment on my blog you will have noticed that the comment section is powered by Disqus. If you haven’t left a comment please do, we bloggers LOVE comments. I implemented Disqus a few months ago and have been very happy with them. You can read my original post here.

The thing I love the most with Disqus is that I can be alerted and respond to new comments straight from my email on my iPhone. This saves me the time of having to log in to WordPress on my machine.

I’m also a big fan of Seesmic (though I often find the video pixelated – what gives Sessmic?). Seesmic powers the video comment feature for Disqus. An issue I’ve run into is that the email I receive when someone leaves me a video comment doesn’t indicate this.

I decided I should let them know, so I emailed co-founder, Daniel Ha.

Daniel promptly replied:

The fact that the co-founder actually wrote me back directly is great, but that’s not the most impressive thing about this. Take a look at the time I sent the original message and Daniel’s reply time. There’s a one minute response time. Now that’s customer service.

Your comments are welcome :-) Thanks. :-)


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