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In Nashville? Let’s talk about the Social Web

I am thrilled to let you know that I will be the guest speaker at the American Marketing Association in Nashville (NAMA) in early September. I am currently putting together a presentation which will simplify understanding social network sites. I will answer the questions: What are Social Network Sites (SNSs)? How can my business use SNSs to increase my brand’s awareness?

I have seen presentations in the last year on the topics I intend to cover, but they are often crowded with too much information. I watch the room as many attendee’s eyes glaze over, and they are left overwhelmed and scared to enter online communities. I’m sure my Q&A session will be a fun one too.

Keep your eyes on the NAMA events page for updates, of course I’ll blog about it here when the date is confirmed.

I’m also making myself available to visit local companies to speak candidly about Social Media. Whether it’s an actual speaker session, or a round table discussion about blogging, podcasting, micro-blogging, or the social web as a whole. I’m excited to help educate folks about the world I’m so engaged in, it’s truly an exciting time. If you’re in the Greater Nashville area please contact me, and feel free to check out my references if you’re so inclined.

It’s funny that an old school geek with a professional Marketing background can now use both worlds combined. The stars have truly aligned for me. Who knew playing on my TRS-80 way back when would have such a lasting effect on my life. Everybody needs to be on the web in some form or another, I hope to be one of the guys who can explain how, where and why. Let’s talk Nashville. :-)


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