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  • Just a note, it's Identica not Indentica…

    And this is why we want an open and federated system instead of one controlled by a central (and quiet) organization.

  • I know, I hadn't had any coffee when I wrote the post. :-)

    Dave /


    I’ll be back Friday. Thanks for getting in touch.

    Find me online:

  • Wait?! I did not realize you were suspended Dave! I will vouch for you!

  • No worries, I was saved from my wrongful suspension. I'm sorry to hear
    others are suffering now too though.

  • Bethany K Ford

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now ;-)
    keep it up

  • jay

    hope you can help me…my account @jbinx was suspended also with no reason at all…:-(

  • Check and search Twitter.

    So sorry to hear about it.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Angry at Twitter

    Happening all over the place. The only way Twitter will listen is to get back at them on their site. Please sign this Petition to Force Twitter to Reinstate Erroneously Suspended Accounts:

  • Aww.. that sucks, I experience that also, last week. But now, I'm glad that they reconsider my ticket support about suspending my account. So now I'm using it again. :D

  • Glad to hear you're back on. So it took you one week?

  • Hi Dave
    I hope you are fine today despite your negative experience with Twitter. I too, I'm the latest victim of Twitter suspension. Just when I had started building a good following: I was slapped on the face with this sudden suspension because of : ” engaging in strange activities: when Twitter starts suspending us unceremoniously and scaring our followers with such messages we are left feeling strange and guilty!

    Thanks to Twitter's strange way of doing business: now I'm a victim of their accusation. My friends and clients are avoiding me like hell! Reason: I'm engaged in strange activity!

    At first I thought I had done a the worst crime imaginable on earth! Then I started seeing the light: when you start receiving a lot of friends to your Twitter page: Twitter will start following you around looking for an excuse to ground you! I received 40 friends within an hour! and this most likely made Twitter rise their eye-brows! And because of that I stand suspended because of this strange activity. Indeed it's strange to Twitter how one can receive such following at short notice! Another theory for my suspension could be that since I'm promoting a Chinese organization could be another good reason for suspension. Remember Twitter was banned in China. I tend to think it's the official policy of Twitter to ban Chinese websites and organization for being strange!

    Twitter should have a human face and heart and stop harassing it's followers for no defined reason and stop treating some of it's followers strangely!

  • janeeyre13

    Twitter always suspends the cool kids… guess that is what happens when a website it produced by geeks.
    heck out this guys responce in regards to getting suspended

  • Suspended today – I have no idea why. Perhaps it might be better if at least had the courtesy to warn you first.140 characters would do if it said something meaningful.

  • Sorry to hear that. I agree with you.

  • Sorry to hear that. I agree with you.

  • I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

    – Dave

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