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Read this before you die

Photo by: localsurfer on Flickr

Photo by: localsurfer on Flickr

Where will your content go when you die? If you have nobody paying your hosting fees once you’ve passed away, then it’s likely your work online may disappear – forever.

Part of the thinking behind our podcast, Two Boobs and a Baby +, was to create an audio baby book. While our show helps and entertains new and expecting parents, it is also an important part of the Delaney family legacy.

The theory is that Ella and Sam will be able to hear our voices again once we’re dead and gone. Future generations in our family will better understand why they are so strange after listening to their great, great, great grandparents rambling.

One thing I didn’t consider is how this content will remain online after we die. Nora Young’s brilliant CBC podcast, Spark did just that today. Her interview is with Derek K. Miller, it sparked the thought that I need to address this before Heather and I hit the road.

In Derek’s case he’s not sure he should leave this to his wife, because his direct family will already have enough to be concerned about. Perhaps this should be left to a close friend, or could Google create an eternity plan for an amount of money to be left in our will?

Do you have someone with instructions on how to continue your legacy after you’re gone? Do you have a package in your will which includes your login and passwords to access your content?

Please let me know your thoughts. I also highly recommend you learn more about Derek K. Miller, he’s one of the toughest people I know.

You can listen to the interview here: Spark interview with Derek K. Miller.


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