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My Macbook Mission money is going to Kiva

Photo by: C.C. Chapman

Look above and you’ll see a picture of one of the most energetic, outgoing and down to earth people you’ll ever meet. Not to mention he’s a brilliant social media guy who truly understands our space. Did I also mention that he’s a good friend?

C.C. Chapman was kind enough to purchase my Magic 8,000 Tweet Card to help me raise enough money in my MacBook Mission. C.C. purchased the card for $60.00!

Mike Sechrist of Nashville 24-7 was kind enough to purchase the MacBook for me, so I no longer need the $60.00 that C.C. contributed. I offered to refund the cash to him, or to contribute it to We both decided that it should go to Kiva. I’ve mentioned Kiva here before, you should absolutely check them out.

CC Chapman helps two women on Kiva through my MacBook Mission

Thanks again for being such a great guy C.C.


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