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My MacBook Mission – Accomplished!

 MacBook Mission accomplished

A couple of weeks ago I came up with a concept to see if I might be able to receive a new MacBook. You can read the MacBook Mission story here. By the time the Ebay auction ended, I had received $100 from Keith Burtis and $60 from the top bidder, C.C. Chapman. Thank you both so much for helping me.

Just as I ended my MacBook Mission having earned $160.00, a turn of events occurred.

I am extremely happy to report that I am the proud owner of a new black MacBook (identical to my previous machine). The person who was kind enough to purchase the computer was Mike Sechrist. Mike is the former General Manager of WKRN-News 2 and founder of the ground breaking, Nashville Is Talking.

The Nashville digital community recognizes Mike as a new media luminary who gets it. I know Mike as an energetic, enthusiastic guy who’s not afraid of trying new things. He’s a veteran broadcaster who unlike many in the industry is keeping up with the changing times in media.

My last job in Toronto was with Global Television before I moved to Nashville. I naturally thought it would be wise to network with the broadcasting community here to try to find a job and make some friends. While WKRN wasn’t hiring at the time, Mike was kind enough to invite me in to the station to meet with him. We took a tour and talked about television and the web. He’s an incredible guy, who’s truly passionate about broadcasting.

Two years ago (2 years people) he introduced Nashville Is Talking, a community of local bloggers were suddenly connected and had a place to share their stories. Mike also encouraged the bloggers to pick up their cameras, shoot stories and submit them for inclusion on air and on the WKRN site. Finding this video before meeting with him last year had me very excited.

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Clearly, Mike is the type of guy who keeps his fingers on emerging trends and his eyes and ears open to new technologies. Mike was also one of the first television General Managers who blogged frequently. As I said before, he gets it.

Mike recently started a new media company called Bottom Up Media. The company has secured a studio location based right on Music Row in the heart of Nashville. He is in the process of transforming the office into something very exciting. Anyone interested in media, news, broadcasting and technology should stay tuned for the official launch of Nashville 24-7. I’m going to be helping Mike promote the service, which I believe is going to change the local media landscape. Leave me a comment here and I’ll be sure to get you on the beta launch of the site. You can also email him for details at community AT

Thanks so much Mike.

I’ve also decided that (with CC and Keith’s blessing) I will use the $160.00 to donate to I’ll post information about that when the money has been submitted, so you can track the success of the micro loans. What’s cool about Kiva is that the money will always be in circulation helping people less fortunate. More on Kiva here.

I want to be sure to let you know that I sincerely thank you all for supporting me on my mission. Many of you contacted me to try to contribute, I really appreciate you offering. Be sure to check out Kiva, if you were anxious to help me perhaps you can do so to Kiva instead.


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