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MacBook Mission

I want to write a post to thank everyone for their encouragement and support in my quest for a MacBook. Keith Burtis is a rock star, I highly recommend you check out his incredible work. Keith had a successful auction for a wooden bowl and bottle stoppers to contribute towards a MacBook for me. Thank you so much Keith. I should also thank the two winning bidders, John Meadows and Rick Wolf.

My Ebay auction for the magic 8,000 Tweet Card was a big success. The winning bid was $60.00, made by your friend and mine, C.C. Chapman. C.C. has been in the social media space for a long time now. He’s a veteran podcaster with shows like Managing The Gray and Accident Hash. You should also subscribe to his One Guy’s Thoughts video series.  C.C. is a true “F”riend.

Thank you to everybody who supported me on my MacBook mission. While I didn’t get the MacBook, I did reaffirm how great my friends are in this space. Other people have approached me on ways to help as well, but the main goal was to sell the card. That goal has been accomplished thanks to C.C.

I’ll have more thoughts about this soon, but I wanted to update you all.


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