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My MacBook Mission – How my community is helping

8000 tweet video still

A quick recap on my MacBook mission for those who may have missed it. I finished up my job recently working full time. Last week I had to return my MacBook, and my life is difficult now.

I’m currently working as a consultant with some clients, developing a presentation and keeping my options open for a new full time position too. In order for me to get any work done during the day I simply must leave my house, so I can work without distraction. I also need a laptop to show projects and proposals to clients. This is impossible to do without my computer.

A few weeks ago I created a video celebrating my 8,000 Twitter tweet milestone. I still have the magician’s card which he uses in a cool trick performed in the short video. It dawned on me that I could put the card on Ebay to see if anyone (or company) may be so kind as to bid enough for me to replace my MacBook. You can visit the Ebay page to check on the current amount and place your bid now, there’s only a little over 24 hours remaining.

Yesterday Keith Burtis reached out to help me. Keith is a gifted, professional woodturner and cabinetmaker who has really engaged social media. He held a similar auction a few months ago which resulted in his very own “social miracle“.

Keith has decided to make some original wooden artwork and give the proceeds to me to help finance my MacBook. How cool is that? How great is Keith?

Keith’s live auction for my MacBook Mission will be TONIGHT at 9 PM EST. You can get all of the details on his blog. I hope you can tune in to “see” him creating these crafts on his BlogTV channel.

I should also take a moment to thank everybody for helping me with this. Many of you have re-tweeted requests for folks to get involved on Twitter and beyond. Thank YOU all. Thanks to Scott Monty who has taken the time to write a blog post to help share my story. You rock Mr. Monty.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has already placed a bid. Not only will you be helping me in a major way, but I’ll be sure to return the love. My first blog post from my new MacBook will be all about you (but you already knew that :-).

To place a bid or check the current bid visit Ebay here. Thanks for your support.


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