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What happened to your old office buddy? Reach out and touch someone today

What happened to your old office buddy? Reach out and touch someone today.

Photo by: Matt McVickar

I’ve been thinking recently that I haven’t been great at keeping in touch with many of my former work-friends. By work-friends, I mean people I worked with who I really got along with well.

We often forget that we spend eight, nine, or more hours a day with our colleges at work. If you add in travel time and sleeping, you spend about the same (if not more) time at your job than you do with your own family.

During the time at the office you naturally build relationships with the people there, some stronger than others. Yet, when it comes to socializing often times it’s just not part of the equation. They have homes and families to return to when the clock strikes five (or six) and so do you.

When we move on from those jobs we tend to lump those people in with the company itself. If you left XYZ Inc, you left everyone who is part of that firm. In my case, I’ve traveled quite a lot in my life, so there’s that extra notion that I won’t see that person again any time soon, so why bother going to the trouble.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear from a work-friend from a former job today? The communication can be as simple as an instant message or email, or even better, a phone call.

We all get so tied up in our work and family lives that we often forget about taking the time to keep connected to people we had a genuine connection with. I’ve already got three people in mind who I intend to reach out to today, just to say hello and to let them know I was thinking of them.

Are you up for the challenge? Let me know how it goes.

This jingle comes to mind. Thanks 1980’s AT&T.

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