Communication 2.0 - An interview with Comcast tomorrow

By | June 24, 2008

Last year at PodCamp Nashville and PodCamp Toronto I did a presentation on how to promote your brand using Twitter. Both sessions resulted in much conversation about how Twitter is helping it’s users by giving us a way to reach new and old friends, clients and communities.

I’m a long time Twitter fan as you probably know. In the next day I will likely surpass 8,000 tweets (or posts on Twitter).

While I was preparing for my presentation I had the idea to reach out to a few companies who are using Twitter effectively. I realize many of you probably have touchy feelings about Comcast. Personally, I would just like them to change the darn On Demand music.

Tomorrow I will be posting an interview I did with Frank Eliason, otherwise known as @comcastcares, the Comcast Customer Outreach person who has become a popular destination on Twitter for solving your Comcast woes.

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