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Twitter friends saves the boobs

Have your friends on Twitter helped you out of a jam recently? Mine have and I love them for it.

I recently upgraded my very outdated version of WordPress for my blog/podcast Two Boobs and a Baby +. The template I was using was one that I had tweaked here and there using my archaic idea of PHP (I used HTML instead). When the upgrade was completed my blog was down.

I was getting loads of errors messages, had trouble logging into the admin and more. My site was a mess and I was stuck. I created a new folder and uploaded a clean version of WordPress to try to migrate the two, but it didn’t work. I tried a bunch of different things, but had no success, so I did what any social networking geek would do, I tweeted for help.

Minutes passed and friends on Twitter reached out to me to help. Friends like @groovysoup, @studionashvegas, @hockeyskates, @kg4hsr and @tommyvallier. While everyone scrambled to offer to help, Tommy Vallier IM’d me over Skype to get right down to business.

Between chatting about my wishing I was at Podcasters Across Borders this weekend, my love for Kingston (Ontario), beer, scotch and other great topics, he fixed my blog. He fixed it all. Tommy Vallier is my hero! Thank you SO much Tommy.

I’ve had other good Twitter friends help me with WordPress woes before, @imnico comes to mind immediately.

This is just a big virtual hug to my friends in Twitterland and on the other social networks I spend so much time on. You are all my heroes. Thanks everybody.

I’d love to hear how friends on Twitter have helped you, or how you have been able to help your Twitter family. Let’s share some stories people.

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